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Uprisings by Kozyndan

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Ey yo, if you’re ever bored and have nothing to draw, an anon sent me a message about fauna!blake bringing Yang dead things to show her love. And I was wondering if I could get a visual on something like that because its just damn funny for words

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Pom pom. Po po po pom po pom po pom.. working on sequel po pom.

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jesus x pikachu porn on my dash


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I’m done with this website

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i checked my temperature because i feel as if i have a fever but

it’s way too low

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So I finally watched Lord of the Rings and

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Look there how he stands out in the raining, looking up with his mouth agape. Waiting for the moment where he drowns.

He is a man who has clearly lost everything, and is gambling the world in order to reach enlightenment. A path that will only lead to his destruction, he knows, but the only path that can make a sense out of his chaotic world. Where humans run around on two legs and are the dominant species, only the Holy Grail can help him understand.

Look now, as the rainwater trickles down his beard onto the ground. What is that sound? Is it God himself? No, it’s Turkeyomi, gurgling out a mournful gobble, as he’s unable to hold anymore rainwater. Spit it out, Turkeyomi. Spit it out.

He becomes lightheaded and falls to the ground, the water spilling out of his mouth. Is this how the Holy Grail feels, to have its contents spilled? No one knows, Turkeyomi. No one knows.

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The best scene of the year.

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question is how can you accidentally fist someone

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why did a post i made yesterday morning appear before midnight

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u ok